BSD Projects and Open Source Tools

BSD Projects and Open Source Tools

This page highlights the information about various BSD specific projects and Open Source tools for which Daemon Security is a part of.


Pulledpork is a Snort and Suricata rule management tool. Pulledpork allows users to update their IDS/IPS engines using any of the available rules sets available from Talos, Emerging Threats, etc.Features and Capabilities.

Hunter NSM

Hunter NSM is a modular platform for deploying network sensors. Instead of adding additional security vulnerabilities with the addition of numerous tools, Hunter provides a minimalist approach to achieving full network monitoring with Bro NSM and Snort IDS.

  • Features and Capabilities
    • Automates the installation of Snort or Bro on a FreeBSD server
    • Configures JSON output using ids-tools and Bro native JSON output to work with any type of logging tool.
    • Uses PulledPork to automate signature updates
    • Configures startup scripts to work with FreeBSD
  • Project github for Hunter-NSM:

FreeBSD 5 Minute Desktop install

A short script that sets up a minimal desktop with a web browser on FreeBSD 10.


Simple backup script to manage ZFS snapshots for filesystem backups. The project also includes zfscron, which makes it easy to roll 30/60/90 minute zfs snapshots of your home directory:

Automated Snorby Install Script for FreeBSD (out-of-date)

This shell script will work on a minimal install of FreeBSD with a single interface and a static IP, as well as an oinkcode for downloading Snort rules from

  • The following applications/servers will be installed:
    • Snort
    • Snorby
    • Pulled Pork
    • Barnyard2
    • Apache24
    • MySQL
    • Current Version: 0.4.6 (This is Alpha)
  • Project github for snorby-bsd:
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